Why is French "Baguette" so famous in France?

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In France bread is an integral part of our routine meals. 

French "baguette"
If you have the chance to go there don't be surprise if you see French bread laid on tables for breakfast, lunch or dinner in restaurants! 
The most common one is the "French baguette". If you go to France you will probably see some baguettes tops peeping from underneath peoples' arm. 
I give you a tip to recognize good ones. It has to be all crunchy, golden shell with soft white clouds for insides. And if you are lucky, the baker  would have just taken it out from the oven,  it will be all warm in your hand. 

Why is it so famous in France? Because a "baguette" combines two things : it is simple and  good. More importantly the baguette is affordable for everyone (0.90 euros about 1.1dollar ). Besides it has many use. You can slice it in half lengthwise and make sandwiches for instance. 

Sandwich baguette
What you want to put inside depends on your taste. The most common one is the "jambon beurre" (ham and butter sandwich). Good and easy to do. You cut a slice of baguette, cut it length-wise and coated both halves with a layer of creamy butter. Than take a slice of ham, fold it in two and put it between the two pieces of bread.
A jambon-beurre
You can also eat a baguette with French cheese, (some are really good!). I will post something about it later. For lunch you can dunk a piece of bread into your bowl of soup. For breakfast you can dunk it into your bowl of hot chocolate.


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